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Webasto SmarTemp 2.0 Kit

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The SmarTemp 2.0 kit gives your Webasto heater added functionality. It has an ergonomic comfort dial that changes the temperature by one degree with every click. The control unit also serves as the thermostat for the entire system.


  • Digital Display
  • Includes Wire Harness
  • Built-in Cabin Temperature Sensor
  • 24 Hr Programmable Schedule & Auto Start
  • Timed Operation


  • Compatible with all the furnaces sold in our store


  1. Look for a flat and visible mounting location (Make sure the location is not exposed to contamination or weather)
  2. Lightly mark the two mounting holes by using the drilling dimensions (Make sure to check for obstacles or wiring behind the mounting location before drilling)
  3. (Optional) If you would like to route the harness through the mounting surface, drill a 17mm hole using the drilling dimensions
  4. Use two #4 screws to secure the Webasto SmarTemp device
  5. Apply the "Heater Off" sticker somewhere that is easily visible from the driver's area
  6. Explore the menu descriptions section to properly set up the menu